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Grey Scale Coloring Pages | Color The World

Grey Scale Coloring Pages

Grey scale coloring pages. How challenging are they?

How challenging are grey scale coloring pages? Do they really provide us with value, or are we just going through the motions for entertainment. I belong to about a dozen coloring groups on social media where coloring pages of all kinds are showcased. It seems to me that the grey scale pictures are in the minority, but I’m not sure. There is an abundance of super colorists who are always looking to improve their work. They encourage, comment and praise one another while sharing their work. They take their coloring to heart. Their pictures are gorgeous! That’s rewarding for everyone….all gain something. Those who are most active on the groups seem to be the most interested in learning the art of coloring.

There doesn’t seem to be room for learning different techniques of coloring with the grey scale pictures, because the shading, blending, and texturing is already done on the picture. I find the grey scale pictures beautifully illustrated by talented artists, but with not much to do but put a swathe of color over the whole picture. Am I missing something here?  Does the grey scale picture take the creativity away from a person and merely allow the relaxation to take over? Or doesn’t it matter?

 There are also the “insecure” coloring people who post their work with excuses about it not being as good as some of the others. But the purpose of the coloring is to spark your creativity, calm your mind, and have fun. For those people, though, putting their work out on social media for everyone to see takes courage. They are either being too hard on themselves, or maybe they really are looking for a few pointers. Criticism done in a polite manner is mostly the norm. Although I have seen some mean comments, which is usually not tolerated in the groups.

So, I guess it comes down to what the person is looking for out of the action of coloring. I am an artist. My purpose with my work is to expand my knowledge, learn different techniques, and create something I find pleasing that hasn’t been done before.  I suppose the grey scale has it’s place for the people who are just using coloring as a relaxing technique. I am wondering what the percentage is of colorers to “colorists”, the latter being the ones who take their coloring very seriously.

Taking the perspective of the group of people who color, the “colorers” but who insist that they are not creative, I would think they are missing something. They are missing the chance to experiment, learn, observe, make mistakes (and figure out a way to amend them), and be brave. Just putting the color overall on a picture has a creative nature, but it doesn’t seem to be as rewarding as if you had mastered the picture with your own sweat and style.  I feel it is more fulfilling to attempt to make a masterpiece picture while experimenting, mistakes and all, to really make the picture your own. 

Please Check out my new pages with some new coloring pages available. I am slowly getting my work out. Thank you for being patient. Below you will find the links. Here is one of the newest pictures. Enjoy!

Adult Coloring Faces Rita
Adult Coloring Faces Rita

Click here for adult coloring beautiful faces.

Click here for adult coloring pretty mandalas

Click here for adult coloring Angels

Click here for Adult Coloring Stress Busters

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