Giuseppe Armani, What Made the Sculptor Great.

Spring Dance by Armani
Spring Dance by Armani

Giuseppe Armani, Master Sculptor~

He was an Italian born artist from the village of Calci. I first became aware of his beautiful sculptures on a trip to Disney World. For years his works were showcased in the Italy Pavilion in Epcot, home to the World Showcase in Disney World in Florida. It is there I became attracted to his lovely pieces, and even collected a few, which are my among my favorites. His figurines are flawlessly realistic, yet the dynamics of his fluent style is undeniably Armani. I never understood why Disney took the exquisite Armani sculptures out of the Italy Pavilion.

Armani’s Youth~

When Guiseppe was very young, his parents realized that their son was not just an ordinary kid drawing pictures of everything on everything. They knew he was meant to become a skilled artist. For a child so young, he drew incredibly well with detailed drawings of everything he saw. His drawings had extraordinary detail and realism. As his technique began to develop, his dreams of going to the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence became apparent also. However, his plans to attend this esteemed school were interrupted when his father died suddenly. His education had to be put on hold to help support his family at home.

His Studies~

Giuseppe continued to draw all the time and his talent was soon recognized by the people in the town. A local priest organized an exhibition for the town’s young artists. Giuseppe entered a sculpture of a male torso. It showed great precision and held strongly to classical styling. The sculpture was moved to the Art Gallery in Pisa. The owners of the gallery were amazed with its detail and beauty and immediately offered Giuseppe a permanent position.

His Career~

With a job in Pisa, Giuseppe’s dream of studying art became a reality. He studied and absorbed the masterpieces of the Renaissance and began to perfect his personal style. As he created his masterpieces, people came from far and wide to see them.

In 1975, the Florence Sculpture d’Arte offered him an exclusive position working in their studio. He immediately accepted and was promised complete artistic freedom to allow his talents to flourish in their own direction. For the following 31 years he created beautiful masterpieces ranging from traditional Capodimonte styling to more modern, contemporary sculptures. Some of his more well-known and popular creations were his Disney figurines. They consisted of Giuseppe’s interpretation of Disney’s most cherished characters such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Mickey Mouse, Pinocchio, the Little Mermaid and others.

Tragically on October 28th 2006, Giuseppe Armani passed away suddenly, a victim of a massive stroke. His death was a great loss but his beautiful creations continue to live on as a testament to his artistic genius.

In Conclusion~

I think the key to Guiseppe’s greatness, is that along with his innate abilities, he studied the great Masters of the Renaissance and their sculptures. This gave him the foundation of excellent skills of reproducing the human figure in all it’s beauty, perfection, and balance. Along with that he was able to freely add his signature style of a sensuous, rippling, fluidity to anatomy in all it’s splendor for each of the characters he brought to life. So many times an artist’s raw creativity is restricted by their employers to follow the trends in hopes of better business. The Florence Sculpture d’Arte recognized his awesome potential and gave him complete freedom to pursue his style.

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