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What exactly is a Pinterest Manager/VA and what do they do?

A Pinterest VA, ( Visual assistant) offers basic services for the everyday running of a Pinterest account. They help businesses promote their content, products and services through the Pinterest platform. A Pinterest Manager is usually more experienced, working with several clients and feels comfortable offering strategy advice.

The services include, setting up an account, designing fresh eye-catching pins, scheduling pins, promotion, analysis, Blog Management, and Coaching and Training.

Why would I need to market on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a massive resource for sharing content, ecommerce products, and building your website or blog traffic. It is looked upon as a visual search engine only behind the giants of Google and Youtube. Pinterest surpassed Snapchat as the third-largest social media network in the US, according to a report from eMarketer. Think about where you go to when you are looking for a clever idea or product, the latest fashions, recipes, health information, wedding designs and plans. You head to pinterest.

With a small business, you are on the other end of the equation. You are the ideas, the products, the designs, the trades, the specialties. While you, the business owner, are busy building your website and brand, someone needs to do the promotion work. At the rate of Pinterest’s growth in recent years, having a good presence on Pinterest is quite evident. In fact, it is essential.

I specialize in setting up an account, pin design, scheduling pins, promotion, and analysis. I offer a few reasonable packages for small businesses who want to benefit from the exponential structure of the Pinterest Platform.

Why would I need to hire a Pinterest Manager for my small business?

  • You don’t know what Pinterest is.
  • You don’t know how to begin.
  • You don’t understand how it works.
  • You don’t have time.
  • You don’t have the passion for the creative side of it.
  • You don’t have the traffic you want.

For achieving a competitive strategy for success, you should consider hiring a Pinterest Manager. Below are different month to month packages that I offer which are ideal for small businesses who want a strong Pinterest presence, but need some help. I have expertise in the following essentials: monthly scheduling, pin creation, monthly analytics reports, and ongoing email support. Please find the basic fees used to check out through Paypal. The fee doesn’t change unless the project scope changes. If you are happy with one month’s work, we can talk about signing up for more time.

Packages Available

After Checkout, you will be sent a brand questionaire to help me determine style and type of boards and pins to be created. Below are the basic fees used to check out through Paypal. The fee doesn’t change unless the project scope changes.

Basic Monthly Fees

Setting up a small business account with 12 populated boards

100.00 US currency

Tailwind Scheduling of 600 of your pins per month and 3 templates for you to work from.


Month of 600 Pins and 3 Templates

Creation of up to 24 unique fresh pin designs, up to 2 short (one minute) videos per month, and Tailwind Scheduling of 600 pins altogether. Continuing account optimization, keyword research, board management, analysis and communications. Monthly reports sent to your email address.


Send me a message!

    I’m here to help you!

    A Little About Me

    In my pursuit of new creative ventures, I was excited to find the Pinterest Marketing Specialist opportunity. As a progressive professional with many different artistic experiences, I believe that I can bring valuable contributions to your small business companies.

    Because of the many different art mediums I have worked with, it has been necessary for me to keep up with the advances and algorythms in Pinterest and other marketing platforms in order to compete. I have a business Pinterest account which I have grown in 10 months from 16.7 thousand viewers to 1.8 million viewers. I am an experienced canva user and create interesting, eye catching, and colorful fresh pins. Meeting SEO challenges is a never-ending, developing accomplishment which I keep up with by research and connecting with my mentors. I use the Tailwind App faithfully and am involved with several Tailwind Tribes. I also participate in many Pinterest Group boards in my niche to benefit from the exponential effect it provides.

    I am continually watching for the successful pins and replicating their ideas. I am on the lookout for what works in the niche and what doesn’t work. Identifying innovative approaches and improved solutions to those challenges both motivate and drive me.

    I am always searching for opportunities to nourish my creative strengths. My imagination, inspiration, motivation and curiosity, have allowed me to lead a passionate, creative life. I am first an artist. Creating distinctive pins on the Pinterest platform is something I totally enjoy. I would love to be able to support your company’s exposure with my skills. For a greater presentation of my background and qualifications, please review my Linkedin Profile and see the pictures below. I am eager to help you and greatly appreciate your consideration.

    Rosemary Babikan ~ Artist and Pinterest VA/Manager

    Screenshot of my

    Pinterest Board as the Artist


    Sample of Original Pins from My Artist Website

    Sample of Pins from my Artist Website – Don’t forget to check out the 3 video pins at the bottom.

    Oh hi there 👋
    It’s nice to meet you.

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