The New White Look

The color white is very sophisticated, abstract, romantic and idealistic. It’s airy and co-ordinated. White is actually the presence of all colors, as black is the absence of all colors. In physics, a color is visible light with a specific wavelength. Black and white do not have specific wavelengths. Instead, white light contains all wavelengths of visible light……all the colors together. It carries a harmonic presence that easily carries over to perfection. In today’s busy world, our homes are our retreats. In this post I will show you some total white looks, including minimalist, classic, elegant. It is so important to create a space for a more stress-free life style.

100% Egyptian Cotton

Considered best in class when it comes to high-quality cotton, Egyptian cotton offers a sought-after combination of superior strength, luxurious softness, and beautiful sheen.

Egyptian cotton grows in the warm climate of Egypt and features extra-long durable fibers that give towels and rugs a beautiful texture and long-lasting strength. Items made with Egyptian cotton are typically found in high-end resorts and spas and may come with a higher price tag, but can last for years with care.

Minimalist Style Decor

White walls, white couch, white shelves, white rug, and light ask wooden flooring, white accessories, all of this adds up to peace. Imagine coming home from a trying day at the office. Even the flowers are white.

What cabinets, white backlash, white cabinets, white accents….all the look of today. This is what you see when you go into today’s model homes. Clean looking and simple.

Safavieh California Premium Shag Collection, definitely the minimalist look.

Made in Turkey

nuLOOM was created to fill the void between brilliant design and affordability. Power-loomed rug ensures long-lasting beauty and convenient upkeep, with virtually no shedding; perfect fit for your living room, dining room or hallway.

Black and white is definitely in. The contrast is very appealing, but too much black can ruin the mood of the faux leather upholstery. The couch looks almost good enough to eat.

Here’s another look of faux leather upholstery with a totally different vibe. I love the idea of adding one bright colored wall to bring you back down to earth. A bright pop of color will soften the perfectionist image, making you look less boring. More of a pastel color will mellow out the room with a gentler look. Total white look is an ideal choice, if you want to make a self-confident statement, but a little color adds personality.

Lastly, white on white for a child’s room. If you can possibly fathom having a kid’s room all in white, it could be a good idea. White is calming and even makes physical changes in a person. Also, you can see the dirt right away. It can’t build up because it is there in full view. If you don’t see it, you don’t know it’s there and you don’t always clean it. White with pastel accents for a child’s room can definitely have a sedative effect…..especially if you add some cool lighting effects.

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